Ozzy Osbourne in an M24 Tank


Today, Ozzy Osbourne posted a picture of himself on Facebook in an M24 “Chaffee” light tank.

Ozzy driving a tank.

The Chaffee

The M24 was a World War Two era light tank designed for scouting and support roles . Designed to replace the thinner skinned and more lightly armed M3/M5 “Stuart” tanks in the role.; It mounted a relatively short 75 mm cannon like that of the M3 Lee and early M4 Sherman tanks. This was a major upgrade from the puny 37 mm that was mounted on the Stuarts, which was pretty much obsolete in 1944.

Being a light tank, the M24 gave up armor in favor of greater mobility. The standard Sherman tanks had a hull armor thickness anywhere from two to two and a half inches (51-64mm) depending on the variant. The Chaffee only had 1.5 inches (40 mm) of frontal armor.

The M24 was replaced in 1953 in U.S service by the M41 Walker Bulldog. It continued to serve in foreign nations throughout the Vietnam War period. As of 2013, Chaffees were still is service with Uruguay and are currently being phased out in favor of Walker Bulldogs donated by Brazil.


Ozzy Osbourne is a British rocker conceived of in 1948. His service life began in the late sixties and early seventies. He saw action with Black Sabbath until 1979 when he left the band and started a solo career. With over 45 years of frontline service (abet with some minor breakdowns). Despite being almost the same age as the Chaffee, he remains much more culturally and politically relevant.

Osbourne is slated to tour with Sabbath in mid April.


This is a new segment on Power Politik I am calling “BlitzKrieg”. Instead of a long article, the blog will consist of a video or set of photographs with a short paragraph or two explaining them. I’m still doing the longer pieces, but this way I’ll be able to share some of my sources and update the blog more frequently- Howard 



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