Assad Killed the Last Pediatrician in Aleppo

This is footage Channel 4 obtained from security cameras inside Aleppo’s Al Quds hospital during an airstrike conducted by the Assad regime.

Dr. Muhammad Maaz was thought to be the only children’s doctor in all of rebel held Aleppo. Because of the war, doctors and medical supplies are scarce. In many circumstances luxuries like cleaning the floor of an operating room or using a new scalpel for every surgery is simply not possible. Specialty doctors like pediatricians are especially rare.

Over the past week the ceasefire reached to stem to tide of violence in Syria’s five year long war has crumbled. The death toll is mounting with almost 250 dead in the last 9 days from the regimes bombardment of Aleppo. On April 29th alone, Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s air force bombed four hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The war has been marked by atrocities on all sides. Assad stands accused of dropping improvised bombs filled with explosives and chlorine gas on civilian areas. He has systematically bombed hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure. Allied militias like Hezbollah have blockaded cities and towns, causing mass starvation. In 2013, the use of nerve gas in a suburb of Damascus by regime forces killed over 1,300 people and nearly forced a U.S intervention in the conflict.

Out of this war ISIS has arisen with atrocities of their own. Mass slaughters of civilians and the attempted genocide of differing ethnic and religious groups within Iraq and Syria. They regularly conduct suicide bombings both nations, usually targeting large gatherings of civilians, like protests or soccer matches. They have also been accused of using chemical weapons in improvised explosive devices.

The Syrian Civil War has killed nearly 470,000 people and caused millions to flee the war torn nation, sparking one of the biggest refugee crisis’ in modern history. Unfortunately, with the ceasefire all but gone, it looks like the death toll will keep rising.



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