Video Update: America’s Iron Dome

White Sands Missile Range just released a video of the Israeli Tamir interceptor being fired from the US Army’s new Infantry Fire Protection System Capacity system. The Tamir was originally developed to help Israel defend it’s borders against rocket attacks by terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. It is the same interceptor currently used by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system and has performed over 1000 successful intercepts against rockets and mortars launched into Israel. The American test was was conducted in April and was reported to be successful.

In terms of new information, the annotations in the video imply that each launcher tube can hold a different type of missile. A single launcher could use a range of different missiles, like the Miniature Hit-to-Kill, Hellfire and Tamir to protect troops against a multitude of threats; from massed rocket artillery, to drones. For example, a single launcher could theoretically hold 5 Tamirs, 5 Hellfires, and 90 MHTK missiles with the operator switching between them to counter new threats as they emerge.

Such a system could be put to use countering both asymmetric and conventional threats. It’s mobility would allow it to be rapidly deployed around the world to protect American soldiers, bases, or even entire cities.


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