North Korea: Where Do We Go From Here?

North Korea has successfully launched a BM-25 Musudan/ Hwasong-10 IRBM from a facility in Wonsan. The launch reached a height of 1000 km and landed 400 km downrange of Wonsan in the Sea of Japan. The missile has a theoretical range in the order of thousands of kilometers, long enough to hit Guam. This test however, used a high apogee flight path that allowed the test to avoid Japanese air space as it flew across the Sea of Japan. The high angle launch would theoretically also allow the missile to avoid most ballistic missile defense systems on it’s way to targets in South Korea should the DPRK be so inclined.*
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America is Fighting the Taliban…Again

Over the past year the Taliban have begun to gain ground against the Afghan government. They  now control more territory than they have had since their regime was overthrown in 2001. In the wake of this, President Obama has authorized new action against the Taliban. Last month Obama authorized a drone strike against Taliban leader Mullah Mansour in Pakistan.
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How Germany Could Save NATO


As Eastern Europe has come under threat from a resurgent Russia the call has gone out to station more troops on NATO’s eastern periphery. Such a move is intended to reassure allies and deter Russia from meddling in the region. The problem is that many countries simply do not have the capacity to increase spending and build their forces in a way that will impact the broader strategic picture and create a credible deterrent in the east.
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