Hi, I’m Howie and I run this blog.

This blog is basically what I’ve decided to do with my free time. The name, “PowerPolik” derives from the the terms “realpolitik” and “Power politic.” That is essentially what this blog is about; the competition between nations and the ways they interact. Usually involving military force or the threat of it. Some is about grand strategy, other times it concerns particular weapons or capabilities.

I write a lot about North Korea and Russia, but really it’s anything I’m interested in. Oh, and tanks, I love tanks.

I’m also kind of a missile and nuclear enthusiast. I’ve written tons on the North Korean program and a bit on American nuclear policy.

See, cool huh?

Now for the disclaimer:

Politically, I would describe my self as a centrist Liberal.  I hate culture wars, fascists, communists and populists. I’m also a secular Jew and a moderate Zionist. so that’s something that will pop up from time to time.

Anyway, If you can get past all of that then welcome aboard.





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