Explaining The Mother of All Bombs

After sitting through a relentless barrage of ignorance, bad hot takes and general stupidity on Twitter and parts of the internet unknown, I’ve decided to write a post clearing up some of the misconceptions about the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb…weapon…thingy that we dropped on ISIS a few days ago. Read More »

Apache Gunships May Soon Be In Afghanistan.

The war against the Taliban is set to escalate once again. Roughly 800 aviation troops from the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade will deploy to Afghanistan by the end of the summer. The Brigade is equipped with logistical aircraft like the Chinook and the Black Hawk, along with gunships like the Apache. While the Army was characteristically tight lipped about whether the Apaches would be deployed for combat missions, all signs point to a renewed assault.
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America is Fighting the Taliban…Again

Over the past year the Taliban have begun to gain ground against the Afghan government. They  now control more territory than they have had since their regime was overthrown in 2001. In the wake of this, President Obama has authorized new action against the Taliban. Last month Obama authorized a drone strike against Taliban leader Mullah Mansour in Pakistan.
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Senate Approves Bill to Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable for 9/11

The United States Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would hold Saudi Arabia’s leadership accountable for actions implicating it in the 9/11 attacks. The bill stems from a controversy surrounding 28 classified pages of the 9/11 Report. These pages are suspected to hold incriminating evidence indicating that members of the Saudi Royal Family either funded the attacks, or groups linked to the hijackers.
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