Missile Defense Is Not War By Algebra

In recent months the debate over ballistic missile defense has become highly mathematical. With advocates and detractors pitting their numbers against each other. I contend that such arguments misunderstand the nature of ballistic missile defense and armed conflict in general.

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It’s Time For a New Israeli-Arab Peace Process

Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has set off a firestorm in the Middle East and the Islamic world. Across the spectrum, states, terrorist organizations and U.S allies have repudiated the move as a threat to the peace process or a provocation. Protests have erupted in the West Bank and Gaza with some Palestinian factions calling the move a “declaration of war and Hamas calling for a third Intifada.” Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat went as far as to declare it the end of the decades long U.S brokered peace process and refused further negotiations until the decision is reversed. PA President Mahmoud Abbas made his own fiery speech denouncing the move and  proclaiming Jerusalem to be the “Capital of Palestine” (fun fact. I got slightly nauseous typing that).

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The Consequences of Abandoning the Iran Deal

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is in danger of being scrapped. Widely known as the “Iran Deal” the agreement was designed to block Iran’s path toward a nuclear bomb by limited their ability to produce the necessary fissile material.

By all accounts, including by the Trump administrations own admission, the deal been complied with. However, Iran hawks and the President have been seeking to scrap the deal citing Iran’s belligerence, growing regional power and sponsorship of terrorism. Recently, Trump announced that he plans to decertify the deal, sending it back to the U.S Congress to work out.

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Why Arab States Can’t Win Wars

Modern war requires not only modern weapons, but modern organization and tactics as well. Soldiers and commanders must be able to not only fight in cohesive units using combined arms, but plan and supply their operations as well.

However, in the Arab world, militaries have yet to understand this reality. In conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Iraq even the best equipped Arab militaries have failed to achieve their goals. Even with hundreds of modern battle tanks and hundreds of thousands of troops, wars between the Arab states are almost without exception, bloody, long, and inconclusive.
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Iran Tested Another Ballistic Missile

Iran has tested a high accuracy intermediate range ballistic missile, reportedly capable of a range of 2000 km and an accuracy of eight meters. This test comes two months after a similar test in March.

These specifications would put it among the world’s most accurate IRBMs. Even without a nuclear payload, a missile like this could hit any target in the Middle East with sufficient accuracy to be relevant in a military, and not just political context.
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The United States Built a Gigantic Bomb for Iran

Sometimes you come across a problem that you can solve with nuclear weapons but politics simply won’t allow it. Iran and North Korea were and are such problems. Both nation have constructed extremely heavily fortified nuclear facilities. Iran’s Fordow uranium enrichment complex for example, is built 300 feet into a mountain.
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The U.S is Building it’s Own Iron Dome

Recently, The United States Army tested a new interceptor for a concept called the Indirect Fire Protection Capability. The IFPC is a system that the Army describes as being able to take down mortars, rockets, artillery, drones and even cruise missiles at short range. Sound familiar? It should; in essence the IFPC is an Iron Dome. Except, not quite.
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Why Israel is Worried about the S-300

Russia has announced that it will begin the process of transferring S-300 air defense systems to Iran in the coming days. The missiles have been a long simmering issue between Moscow, Tehran and Jerusalem. In 2010 Russia cancelled a deal that would have provided Iran the systems to Iran. Now, with diplomatic cover provided by the successful nuclear negotiations and Iran flushed with cash, the deal is back on.
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