Video Update: America’s Iron Dome

White Sands Missile Range just released a video of the Israeli Tamir interceptor being fired from the US Army’s new Infantry Fire Protection System Capacity system. The Tamir was originally developed to help Israel defend it’s borders against rocket attacks by terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. It is the same interceptor currently used by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system and has performed over 1000 successful intercepts against rockets and mortars launched into Israel. The American test was was conducted in April and was reported to be successful.
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Russia’s PAK FA: More propaganda than Capability

If you listen to Russian media coverage of the PAK-FA. You will hear nothing but good things. Russia has spent time sending prototypes to airshows to perform tricks and stunts. It has used it’s propaganda platforms like Sputnik and RT to cast the F-22 and F-35 as incapable, slow and lacking. The new Sukhoi is being framed as a serious challenge for American fifth generation fighters and air superiority, a weapon that could truly upset the balance of power. In reality, the program is a modern day Potemkin village. It’s a warplane that looks impressive but doesn’t stand up to close examination.
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War is Not Enough


During the first Persian Gulf War, the United States stormed into Iraq and in less than two months defeated one the world’s largest armies. Operation Desert Sabre (the ground campaign) took less than five days. During which, the American Army navigated the featureless Iraqi desert and destroyed Saddam Hussein’s elite Tawakalna Division. In the 2nd Iraq War American tanks reached Baghdad in only 21 days. Roughly halving the duration of the previous war, and driving Saddam from power in the process. Over the course of the next decade the American military fought a grinding counter-insurgency campaign. With the Surge and the Sunni Awakening, the country was stabilized.
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