The M16 is Here to Stay

The United States Marines are finally getting rid of their M-16A4 rifles. The replacement will be smaller, lighter and will require almost no retraining. It will allow the Marines more mobility and make firing from vehicles much easier. It’s the M4, The M-16s shorter brother.

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No Daily Beast, North Korea can’t Nuke the U.S


After reading an article on the Daily Beast, I decided now was the time to tackle the issue of nuclear security. In the article the author suggested that the North Koreans could smuggle two spheres of uranium the size of a grapefruit into the United States, assemble a functional nuclear bomb and detonate it in a major American city.
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The Draft: Thinking the Unthinkable

In late November of 1942 General Georgy Zhukov launched Operation Uranus: a massive Soviet counter offensive aimed at liberating the city of Stalingrad. Two pincers, a massive one from the northern flank and a smaller one from the south, slammed into the Romanian troops on the German flanks. The German Sixth Army, commanded by General Fredrich Paulus, was encircled and cut off, trapped in what became known as the “Kessel.”
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